About the company

About The Founder

Dillon  MacDonald has been actively in the residential construction industry for over 15 years all across Canada’s Provinces and territories.

He decided to take his knowledge from his hands on experience and take it to the next level where he became a Certified Professional Inspector at INTERNACHI School for home inspectors. 3 years and 1000 inspections later he than received his Certified Master Inspectors designation.

For the last 10 years he has called Edmonton home, where he has been part of everything from building new 7000 sq/ft homes to renovating homes over 70 years old.

When Dillon isn’t inspecting homes he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and 3 kids exploring Canada’s outdoors, and watching sporting events with his family.

Owner/Inspector: Dillon MacDonald

Business license number: 351895

Inspector license number: 351911

Phone: 587-335-3895

Email: bettersafeinspections@gmail.com

About the company

Better Safe Home Inspections offers a high quality and professional inspection service in Edmonton and Surrounding areas. We take pride in our knowledge and getting the opportunity to teach our customers about their current or future home. Education is a big part of our buisness and when we aren’t inspecting homes we are studying and staying up to date with a rapidly growing industry. We like to keep an open door of communication with our customers and support them with future questions regarding their home. We have a background in residential construction and trades which helps us give practical advice when dealing with maintenance and repairs.