Our services

Pre Purchase Home Inspection

Homes can require hundreds of thousands of dollars of repairs and we are experts at finding out what those repairs are and giving you guidance on what your next steps dealing with them should be. You definitely want to be aware of what the potential repairs are prior to making the biggest purchase of your life. That is why the pre purchase home inspection is so important. 

New Home Warranty Inspection

When dealing with a home builder or new home warranty you are going to want to hire a inspector that is familiar with new home construction and the guidelines that go with it. Better Safe Home Inspections has experience working with some of the biggest builders in the city and would gladly help you ensure you are getting the house you paid for. 

Pre Sale Home Inspection

When you are planning on listing your home, going through your home and taking care of any outstanding maintenance or repairs will definitely help you with a smoother transaction of selling your home. Even if you receive a quote for a certain repair that comes up on our report that can take the uncertainties away from the potential buyers. Our pre Sale Home Inspection will help you identify these items and also allow you to market your home as pre inspected. 

Home Maintenance Inspection

Make sure out standing maintenance does not end up as a required repair. We will get visuals of the entire home including all the hard to reach places. Your report will include any required maintenance/repairs and recommendations on your next steps dealing with them as well support with any questions that come up in the future.

Commercial Property Inspection

Whether you are looking at having a specific component inspected or having a complete building inspection our team can help you along the way. We are Certified Commercial Inspectors and have a group of trusted trades that can help you with your Commercial Property Inspections Needs.