Our services

Pre Purchase home inspection

The pre purchase home inspection takes place prior to buying a new home. It helps the buyer recognize the condition of the home and if it requires repairs, maintenance or upgrades.

Pre Sale Home inspection

The pre-listing home inspection takes place prior the listing your home. It helps the seller to realize possible issues with the home that could scare buyers away when offers are made.

Home Maintenance Inspection

The home maintenance inspection is for home owners or property managers who are looking to get a detailed report on the condition of their home.

New Home Warranty Inspection

The warranty inspection takes place prior to your new home running out of warranty. It is used to notify the home buyer of any deficiencies which require repairing under warranty.


The mould inspection takes place when the customer has concerns with the presence of mould in the home. Whether it’s musty odours, moisture damage, visible fungi or constantly getting sick the first step you should take is having your home inspected for mould. Once the inspection is complete and the samples have been taken we will drop them of with a local reputable lab for analysis. Once results are in we will complete a report for you which breaks down results and recommendations for your next steps.