Better Safe Home Inspections

Why Choose Us

Better Safe Home Inspections strives to do each inspection as if they were doing it  for themselves or for their family.


Set on building a reputation homeowners can trust, our  certified inspectors will put their knowledge and experience to work for you.


Better  Safe Home Inspections is licensed and insured, our inspectors are all licensed and certified professional inspectors and good standing members of the International  Association of Certified Home Inspectors.


Whether you’re Buying, selling or unsure  about your home give Better Safe Home Inspections a call today and let us put your  uncertainties to rest. 

Pre Purchase home inspection

Protect the biggest investment of your life with our pre-purchase home inspection. Let  us go through the house top to bottom and educate you with our written report to help  you maintain your new home and possibly negotiate price prior to your purchase.

Pre Sale Home Inspection

Wanting to sell your home but not sure if there are any underlying issues, let us come  do an inspection of your home to avoid any surprises in the buyers inspection.

Home Maintenance Inspection

Have an issue or are unsure about a component or system in your home or thinking about  investing Money in your home and not sure where to start. Then book your home  maintenance inspection with us today and let our report help you decide what is the  most logical area of your home to invest in.

New Home Warranty Inspection

The warranty inspection takes place prior to your new home running out of warranty. It is used to notify the homebuyer of any deficiencies which require repairing under warranty.

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First Time Home Buyer Friendly

Whether it’s your first, second, or third time getting a home inspection, you deserve a top quality inspection with qualified inspectors.


Internachi CPI

All inspectors are certified inspectors in good standing with Internachi.

Training is ongoing so that all inspectors can stay up-to-date in this rapidly growing industry.


Infrared Certified

Let our inspectors locate areas of heat loss or water leaks that can be impossible to see with the naked eye, using our state of the art thermal imaging cameras.

Covid 19 Safe

Crazy times call for crazy measures. At Better Safe Inspections, we take the precautions to ensure our inspectors and our clients stay safe and healthy.

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